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I'm a Baltimore-based photographer of people, places, and faces. My studio is located on 25th Street in Old Goucher, though I'm frequently found on-site at client locations and on streets around town.

In my portfolio, you’ll find corporate and personal portraits, candid and studio shots, and images of dancers, models and actors. I enjoy sessions involving creative or environmental challenges – public places, tricky lighting, multiple subjects, other distractions. I’m drawn to emotion, particularly introspection, though you’ll see plenty of smiles throughout this site. My portraits are closeup, intimate and straightforward. I never get tired of photographing faces.

Through photography, I maintain a deep connection to the everyday citizens of Baltimore. When I'm not traveling or in the studio I grab my camera and hit the streets. Some of my favorite photos were captured at a festival, celebration or protest. Nothing is more exciting to me than being in the center of the action.

My studio and environmental portraits appear on business websites, social media and in a variety of publications. I’ve exhibited travel images at local galleries, and they are available for sale in a variety of formats at Call me. My sessions are fun. Your portrait will be memorable.

Vickie Gray


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